Reviews about Papillor

  • Anna
    Well warts of the sample, which I have in the centuries just a lot of the papillomas was, but the cream Papillor smeared and faded in week two. I recommend to all.
  • Giovanna
    In the neck had simply nest the tags, constantly rascaban the clothes clung. And now everything without problems, and only a month of use Papillor.
  • Pietro
    I to the parents to ask to me, thank god, nothing comes out, and I have here next to mom and dad constantly warts out, until the cream has not started to apply.
  • Giuseppina
    I with these tags to a witch similar it was very embarrassing to go, and you will not be able to hide, and the makeup not to hide something. Only Papillor helped back to himself of the beautiful felt.
  • Maria
    To me, the son of the operation, offered to pay, but I'm best cream to use. It is cheaper and safer, and the effect of the same.
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